In 1956, a tiny widow from Ohio named Rose Naftalin moved to Portland and opened a small restaurant on NW 23rd Avenue. Rose spent the next 10 years in the kitchen—where she insisted on preparing many of the entrées and desserts herself.

Soon her authentic New York-style deli fare, pastries and cakes attracted throngs of locals. And as the word spread, out-of-towner visits to Portland weren’t complete without a meal at Rose’s.

In 1966, Rose retired to write a cookbook and sold her namesake restaurant to Max Birnbach. A veteran of Portland restaurants, and already in his sixties, Max took over the reins at Rose’s and faithfully carried on for another 24 years—well past his 80th birthday. Today, the third generation of owners appreciates what Rose’s has meant to Portland and continues to uphold the traditions of both Rose and Max.

Rose’s Restaurant and Bakery flourishes at locations throughout the Portland metro area. Rose’s original Reuben sandwich, giant cinnamon rolls and chicken noodle soup are still on the menu, but joined by a wide selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner entrées to please every taste. And that’s why what was true 50 years ago is still true today:

Everybody loves Rose’s.